Asbury Park Photos, A Step Back in Time

The Asbury Galleria takes you back in time as it captures the historic and iconic images of Asbury Park from its early heyday to the present times. The Asbury Park Boardwalk has once again become a vibrant destination, which draws visitors from around the country as well as from around world.

Under the direction of Asbury Park native Kay Harris, the store boasts an amazing array of unique Asbury Park historical and rock & roll memorabilia, current and classic photography, as well as books and cards on the Jersey Shore. The Asbury Galleria also offers a collection of books and photographs devoted to the African-American community in Asbury Park throughout the years.

Kay’s passion about Asbury Park is what drives her and inspired her to establish the Asbury Galleria – where visitors have the opportunity to walk down memory lane. She feels a strong connection to the boardwalk as her grandfather Lorenzo W. Harris Sr. was a part of the beach’s history. Visitors in the early 1900’s were in awe of the elaborate sand sculptures he created on the beach for the enjoyment of all.

As visitors browse through the store’s photo display, they will find that Kay is quick to discuss and share Asbury’s past and present and the history of Asbury Park’s iconic buildings and structures.

The store first opened as a seasonal business in 2005 when the boardwalk first began to rebound after a decade of stagnation. In 2009, the Asbury Galleria moved to a location inside the Convention Hall Grand Arcade along with other businesses who would be open year-round going forward. The Asbury Park boardwalk, along with all the great restaurants, clubs and shops is an exciting place for visitors young and old. During the summer months, the boardwalk offers miniature golf and a water park for young children and open year-round is the Silverball Museum arcade appealing to visitors of all ages.

The Asbury Galleria has hosted numerous author book signings over the years and showcases several guest photographers in addition to her own photo collection.